Contacts, on Steroids


It’s been exciting with the launch of Intro on the App Store last week to see Intro’s first subscribers signing up to use the full features of the app. The free version of Intro provides tools to manage your contacts, and enables you to access all data you’ve added to Intro at any point. Using the full features of Intro requires a subscription. There’s a one month free trial available of the full features so users can know exactly what they are getting—currently—if they subscribe. 

I say what users are getting “currently”, because Intro 1.0 is a foundation on which more will be built. There is already a roadmap of some great additional features that will be added to Intro over coming months. I’ll be sharing that roadmap with users over time. As features are added, Intro’s subscribers will of course get access to them at no additional cost. And in addition to what's already on the roadmap, I’m looking forward to hearing from users with their own thoughts on what would make Intro even more useful for them. (Hit that “Support” button on the main menu in the app, and let me know.)

Intro has a subscription model because it creates a partnership between users and me, Duncan Babbage, the developer. Intro’s customers recognise the value for them when there is a viable ongoing business that can support the ongoing maintenance and development of an app they can rely on for their productivity. For those users who are ready to commit to getting long term benefit from an app, a subscription model is the best way to align the interests of customers with those of the developer... to have a stable, well-maintained app with the features that are the most useful, and without the developer needing to make changes and additions added simply to try and sell previous users on a new version of the app. And of course, your privacy can be maintained and guaranteed when the business model doesn't require access to your data. With Intro, your data is your data, and it stays on your device. (See Intro's Privacy Policy for full details.)

If the Intro app itself is a foundation, I think of Intro’s early subscribers as ‘Foundation Customers’. Foundation customers are this first group of subscribers who make everything else possible. If you’ve joined me in this partnership, getting in on the ground floor with a subscription from the beginning, I want you to know that I hugely appreciate you. Successfully bringing Intro to you has been a dream of mine for some time. Intro's foundation customers complete that dream and make it a reality. I am certain you don’t know how much that means to me. It's real, and personal. Thank you. So much.  

I plan to look after Intro’s Foundation Customers.