Contacts, on Steroids

Welcome to the Forgot-Your-Name Confessional

This page is the Internet's officially sanctioned confessional for face-name recall disasters. Here, you can confess in relative anonymity your worst horror story of when you couldn't remember who someone was, or what their name was. Maybe it was your boss. Maybe it was your mother-in-law or partner. Your best friend. Maybe, just maybe, it was yourself. Finally, maybe you can't recall the times you didn't recall—hey, you're consistent and I can relate—and you just want to describe how your Generalised Forgot Your Name disorder affects you. You too are welcome here. No shame too big or too small. The doctor is in the house, and he's ready to hear your confession.

After confessing in the comments below, check out some of the others, and tap the like button for the ones you like the best. The confession that receives the most likes by the end of June 2017, and a randomly selected confession, will both receive a five-year subscription to Intro when it ships, paid for by Duncan.

To be eligible to win, you need to leave your email address with the post (to identify you if you win—it won't be published) and to be signed up to the Intro mailing list on the date the winner is announced. Convincing all your friends to vote for your post is totally legit (#greatintro). Just be sure they come and like your post here, as well as on Facetweet, so the votes count. Employees of Intro Ltd (ha, that's just me, there's no one else) and "their" family are welcome to enter but are not eligible to win. Because obv. And I guess this is void where prohibited by law? But I'm in New Zealand, so she'll be right, mate. :) Duncan