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Startups For the Rest of Us: Greatest Hits


Startups For the Rest of Us is the highly acclaimed podcast for single-founder bootstrapped software startups. Really, its no surprise I might be loving it. I discovered while working on Intro, and it's startup founder catnip! Now, Rob and Mike have over 300 episodes in their back catalog, so to get people started they published a Greatest Hits list on their website as a starting point. However, there isn't a podcast feed for that list, so there's a bit of manual work to listen to that collection. But surely, if we've learned anything from Rob and Mike, it's that we should be able to use software to eliminate busy work, right?

Hence this page, which generates the missing podcast feed for the Greatest Hits of the Startups For the Rest of Us podcast. These are the greatest hits as selected and distributed by Rob and Mike from their own site. The players below and the feed simply link people back to Rob and Mike's own hosted audio files. This page exists solely to let people subscribe to the greatest hits in the podcast player of their choice, and Rob and Mike and getting the traffic exactly the same as if you'd gone direct to them... which you should do as well.

Since you've read this far, hey, do feel free to step over to the main page of the site and check out Intro. It's an app for Personal Network Management. Time to unlock your superpower? :)