Contacts, on Steroids

Duncan Babbage

Duncan Babbage

I'm Dr Duncan Babbage, the Founder of Intro Ltd and the developer behind Intro, the personal network management tool for iPhone.

There are two sides to the background I bring to this tool.

First, I've always been a person who has had significant problems with recognising faces, and even more with learning and recalling names. Some days, I couldn't even pull up the name of people I knew quite well. I got great at covering for it, but... maybe you know how terrible that feels at times.

My other experience is 15 years of practice in clinical psychology and neuropsychology, in the New Zealand and UK health systems, with a particular focus on neuropsychological assessment and brain injury rehabilitation.

Combining what I'd experienced personally with what I've learned professionally, I've now built the tool I always needed myself. And it's time to share it with others.

Intro implements well proven but rarely used techniques like errorless learning to enable you to learn names and faces quicker than you'd imagine. You will then be shocked to find you effortlessly recall them when you need them. There's no gimmicks to this, and no word association tricks. What was needed instead was a tool that knows the way your brain is wired to learn. That's Intro.

For me, having instant and effortless access to people's names I've learned, and the points of connection I've had with them, has really felt like getting a superpower. I believe it will for you too. So after extensive testing, I'm ready to share this tool with the world. It's in private beta now, and public beta soon. 

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