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An Intro for Android?

Intro launch screen illustrated on a Google Pixel Android phone.

I'm excited about bringing Intro to the world. Intro launched for the iPhone on 14 February 2018. My focus at this stage is on bringing a compelling experience to iPhone users, which makes Intro a crucial tool to their work and lives that they love using and that makes them happier and more effective.

Could there be an Intro for Android in the future? Largely, this depends on market feedback. Intro is a professional productivity and personal effectiveness tool, sold on a recurring subscription basis though the iOS app store. This model ensures that Intro will continue to be there when users need it. It also enables the continuous development of new features and refinements for users. I think it's the ideal model for a long term partnership between a developer and highly engaged users. Intro is here to stay.

The clearest indication that it is time to bring Intro to Android will be when it is clear there is sufficient customer demand for it among Android users to justify the considerable development cost. You can register your interest in that today: sign up for the Intro for Android updates mailing list. You won't get many emails from that list—probably none in the near future—but it will register your desire to use Intro on Android. That almost certainly won't be in 2018. But if the demand is there one day, it might happen.
—Dr Duncan Babbage, Founder and Developer, Intro